OpenMinds Staff

We have a wonderful collection of teachers and assistants that know the importance of inspiring creativity and respecting the learning process of each individual.  

Get to know them below.

"My son had a great time at Space Camp today.  The counselors were very warm and welcoming.  Thank you for offering a warm, nurturing, and safe space for our son."

"I have to tell you I have not seen the girls be this excited about camp before.  It's great to see them look forward to going the next day, and actually be sad that it's over."

    "A quick plug for OpenMinds Studio up the street. Both of my kids (ages almost 5 and 8) have taken camps and classes there, and they always leave wanting more. The instructors are great with kids, and have a knack for making learning fun. I particularly like the multi-cultural aspect of a lot of the programs offered. Christine is also very flexible in finding a schedule that works for your family."

    "My daughter is having the time of her life. She's been to various camps over the past two years, but yours is the only one from which she comes home bubbling over with stories. Normally, we have to pry and ask a series of ever-more-specific questions just to get a general remark about what was done on any given day. Not so with Open Minds. She gets into the car and starts going OFF about her day! So, thank you very, very much for such an amazing experience."

Here is what people have to say about OpenMinds

About OpenMinds

We have been providing classes and camps in San Diego for the past 5 years.

Our goal is to support families while at the same time educating, developing and expanding each individual member.

We have a strong connection with multicultural learning and believe that we now live in a global community.  One of our goals is to help expand the multicultural understanding of all of our students.

The OpenMinds Mission:

We want to be a partner in expanding horizons and helping make life work for families. 

We do this in many ways through our classes and our organizational policies.

For example:

- we are always creating new curriculum and have over 30 courses created that we draw upon for our classes and camps.  All of these build in life skills, social awareness and global thinking. 

- we have a very liberal cancelation policy regarding our camps and classes.  Cancel before the start of the program and you will get a full refund.  

Let us be a part of helping to add enrichment, support and creativity to your family life!