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Before & After Care with OpenMinds Enrich 2018-2019       

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Program Focus
OpenMinds Enrich has the goal of creating a before- and after-school community that is safe, fun, and enriching for your student.  We want students to play creatively, build friendships, and feel respected and safe while they are with us.  Our before- and after-school time is built around outside playtime, snack time, project time and game time.  Friday Camps will have specific programming each week that will stimulate and engage your student. Safety, fun, education and creative thinking are our foundations.  Our goal is to support families and children.  We want to help families to be the best they can be as well as help students to grow to their highest potential. 

OpenMinds Program Fees & Overview 

Before/After School 

Late Pick Up Rate
When students are picked up late, you will be billed at a higher rate for those late minutes.  The late rate is $30 per hour for the time you are past the confirmed pick up time.  You will only be billed for the time you use.

Financial Aid

OpenMinds will work with all families who have applied and been accepted in financial aid programs such as YMCA or CDA.

To Enroll
 You can register with us online here with the form on the "Everyday After School" tab.  Feel free to call, mail or text us anytime to speak about the program or ask us any questions.  You can reach us by phone or text at 619-665-1264, by fax at 619-282-0232 or by emailing   Our mailing address is:
4236 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116

We look forward to working with your family this school year!

We look forward to working with your family this school year!