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We offer classes on campus at many schools in the area.  You can register here for a class which will be fun on your school campus. Our classes at your school for fall term are listed below and you can register with the form below.  You can make an online payment using the  "Pay Here" button below.  Thank you so much and we look forward to having your student in our upcoming class!

Adams Elementary

Monday - ArtSpace: Mythological Creatures

Tuesday - MathAdventures

Wednesday 1st Class - Mixed Sports & Movement

Wednesday 2nd Class - Jr. Design & Engineering

Thursday - Diggn' n' Dirt Earth Science

Friday - Book Making

Albert Einstein

Thursday ~ ArtSpace

Friday ~ Brain Games

Birney Elementary     

Conference Camp: Animal Art

Monday ~ Jr. Design & Engineering

Tuesday ~ ArtSpace: Sculpt Craft Draw

Thursday ~ Makers Studio: Book Making

Grant Elementary

No Class this session


Julian Charter School - Tuesdays & Fridays

Tk-2nd: Diggn'n' Dirt Earth Science

3td - 5th: Jr. Science Fun

6th - 8th: Chess & Brain Games

Fridays: Jr. Science Fun & Improv Theatre Games

Language Academy

No class this session    

MISD (Montessori Institute of San Diego)

Monday: Art Around the World
Tuesday Jr. Design & Engineering
Wednesday Mixed Sports
Thursday Games, Games, Games
Friday Outer Space Exploration


Mondays ~Clay & Wood

Wednesdays ~ ArtSpace: World Music Art

No Classes this Term at
Green Elementary
High Tech Elementary
Kinderhouse Montessori
Maria Montessori
St. Didacus