We believe in life long learning for everyone.  Education is key to being an active part of our world's global community and there are so many amazing things to learn about.  Come and let OpenMinds be a part of the learning experience for your family.

We believe that self understanding is key to building a more peaceful world.   There is an opporutnity for self understanding in everything we do.  At OpenMinds we take advantage of these windows for "better knowing thy self" and support building emotional intelligence. 


Welcome to OpenMinds!
We offer classes and camps for youth and adults that encourage creativity, curiosity, and a better understanding of our world community.  We weave life skills into everything we do and our goal is to help each student to stay curious, be creative and better understand themselves and their own individual brilliance.   

Self Understanding

What is life if it is not fun and enriched.  We take all of the good that our world has to offer and work to create experiences that  excite, engage and enrich.  

We know that fun is all in the attitude and can be found in the simple as well as in the thrilling.  We work to build the skills to find the attitude of fun anywhere.